Caught Red Handed Performs at the Pub

First of all, none of them has actually ever been arrested or spent a night in jail. So don’t worry. They’ll steal your hearts, but not the silver…

All three members are multi-instrumentalists and singers. The trio is well-known for its strong 3-part vocal harmonies, flashy solo instrumental breaks and quirky on-stage conversation. They like to engage the audiences and work hard at making each performance fun for everyone.

You’ll hear original tunes from their debut CD “Bustin’ Out” as well as popular selections from the Americana songbook encompassing Bluegrass, country, folk and even a touch of old-time rock’n’roll.

Mike Dado

MIKE DADOBass Guitar – Acoustic Guitar – Banjo – Vocals – Songwriter
After playing guitar and bass in numerous rock bands in the 60’s and 70’s, Mike quit the music scene to concentrate on family. In 2000 he picked up where he left off, writing songs and playing guitar, this time in the Americana-Bluegrass vein. Mike performs with “Caught Red Handed” and his bluegrass-Americana four-piece “The Bottom Rung”. He lives in North Bend with his wife Cayrol and dog Morty. He currently serves as the Coos County Surveyor, an elected position. Kenny keeps threatening to initiate a recall drive so Mike will have more time for music.

Kenny Croes

Acoustic Guitar – Ubass© – Banjo – Vocals – Songwriter
Kenny CroesHis first musical influences were West Coast country artists on “Cousin Herb Henson’s Tradin’ Post”, a 1/2-hour show that aired daily on a local TV station in his hometown of Bakersfield, California. Kenny made his living as a musician for nearly 10 years playing coffee houses, pubs and college concerts. Eventually he turned to a career in broadcast, but over the years the guitar was never far away. Since moving to Bandon, Oregon he has performed with “Kenny, Bob & Rob” and now “Caught Red Handed”. His new passion is playing the 5-string banjo.

Bob Shaffar

Dobro – Fiddle – Vocals
Bob ShaffarBob took up the fiddle in the mid-80’s. He’s been an active member of the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association since then. Bob began playing the Dobro in 1999. He was a member of “The Gorsetones”, then joined the very popular “Young Bucs Bluegrass” band. He was also a member of the Bluegrass sextet “Hudson Ridge” (check out their CD on or iTunes) . Bob describes himself as “musically promiscuous”, so now he’s a member of four bands… the country bands “Big Creek Rendezvous”, “Dan Harmon & Cascade Country”, “The Bottom Rung” bluegrass group, and “Caught Red Handed”. Bob recently retired as a lineman supervisor for the City of Bandon. Now he drives a log truck for fun.

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