Location:125 Ocean View Dr, Yachats, OR 97498, USA

Yachats Underground Pub & Grub is all about Food, Music and family fun. The pub was established in 2010 by Dorothy and son David Lothrop. The grand opening was July 4, 2010 and was a smashing success. Customers enjoy our great food, music and awesome location.

We originally opened with two restaurants. The Upper Deck was upstairs, and served a completely separate menu from the Pub & Grub. It features an exceptional view, but proved too difficult to maintain with two separate menus and two separate staffs. The upper deck was consequently closed. The space has since become the main office for Yachats Underground Pub and Grub and Two Shrew Brewery.

The pub itself has an exceptional view, and is the only upfront River and Ocean view from any restaurant in Yachats.

Minors are welcome in the main areas of the pub until 9 PM every day. Of course, the bar and lottery sections are restricted to adults, but the table areas inside the bar are open to minor seating and dining. The patio and Underground Garden areas are open to minors and "friendly pets".

We have provided a map for your convenience. You are invited to join us for a meal and lots of fun events.